Base Camp Pack Trips

This trip involves riding horses into one of our two base camps. Chamberlain lakes (at the base of Castle peak the most photographed peak in the state) the other at Champion lakes. They are perfect for families with children and beginners.  They are also ideal for large groups 16-18 guests. In case of bad weather this camp allows groups to keep warm and out of the weather, in our heated cook tent. This camp is set up and has more comforts of home for example a tented outhouse.  Fully catered.

$375 Per Person/Day - 4 person 3 Day minimum

Extended Pack Trips

Also called roving trips, multiple campsites can include Big Boulder chain lakes, Little Boulder chain lakes, Chamberlain lakes, Washington lake, Champion lakes, Warm springs Meadows on up through Born lakes.  These trips are the best of the back country, moving camp every other day, This trip is perfect for sight seeing and horseback riding.  If you decide to go into the Big and Little boulder lakes area plan on a couple of extra days in each location, the horses can only go so far, you will miss out on the amazing beauty of the wilderness if you don't have the time to go hiking to the upper lakes where the horses can't go. They are fully catered, and are tailored to fit each groups needs.

$450.00 Per Person/Day - 4 person minimum 5 Day minimum

Sport Fishing

For the true fisherman. Big Boulder chain lakes, Little Boulder chain lakes Chamberlain lakes and Champion Lakes offer the best fishing you will find in the entire SNRA. Its a beautiful thing to find yourself fishing the crystal clear waters of the White Cloud Wilderness.  Dont forget your float tube. We pack you in on horseback as far as the horses can go, and then guide you on foot, to very high remote rarely fished mountain lakes, some being over 10,000 feet in elevation. Guests easily catch fish either fly fishing or spinner fishing. Fishing trips are also fully catered leaving you the time to enjoy the lakes, streams and the beauty of the mountains.

$450 Per Person/Day - 4 person minimum

Spot Packs

Pick a destination and we will take you there.

Spot packs are perfect for any group who wishes to enjoy the wilderness without guides and cooks.  Backpackers that can't carry the weight anymore and parents wanting to teach their kids how to camp. Guests have their choice of campsites (anywhere in the White Cloud Wilderness). We pack you in and drop you off, then we return at a prearranged time, or you may choose to hike out yourself. This trip takes a little more detail and explaining so don't hesitate to call.. Big and Little Boulder Chain Lakes requires $100 (2 hours each way) trucking fee per day   Note-it is the same price no matter how long you stay.

$170 Per Pack/Riding Animal | $220 Per Packer | $900 Minimum per day packing

Hiking with Pack Stock

If you dont get along with horses this trip is for you.

Enjoy the beauty of the White Cloud Wilderness on foot, but without the heavy loads. Hiking into your choice of campsites, with just you and a day pack.  Enjoy all of the comforts of a professional camp, amazing food, and the ability to pack extra personal gear.  Leave everything else to us we do all of the work, pack all of the gear and cook all of the meals. No riding involved.

$290 Per Person/ Day Base Camp   $340 Per Person/Day Roving Trip - 4 person minimum

Riding with Pack Stock

You can bring your own horses

Another fully catered trip enabling guests to use their own horses, it offers you your choice of campsites. We tailor this trip to your group and riding style, ensuring the most out of your backcountry experience.  All you need to do is drop us your personal gear and we will meet you at a designated camp.  We will have camp set up and ready for you when you arrive maximizing your time spent enjoying the beautiful White Cloud Wilderness.

$320 Per Person/Day - 4 person minimum Base Camp price, there may be additional charges depending on destinations and campsites.

- Riding restrictions include anyone under 6 years of age and guests weighing over 250 pounds.  Exceptions are sometimes made on weight if you are exceptionally tall. 

*All trips require a 40% security deposit and are subject to Idaho sales tax and 3% Forest Service use fee. Some trips require additional charges. (Example: trucking fees, equipment rental, etc.) Gratuity is also not incuded.


Licenced, Bonded, and Insured Outfitter.