GUIDED AND CATERED RIFLE AND ARCHERY HUNTS - $2000-2200 per person (see note below)

Pioneer Outfitters hunts in Unit 36 and 36-1 for controlled hunts. We have superb opportunities for elk, deer and bear. There are also excellent opportunities for mountain goat, by permit only; 36-A is the controlled hunt area for mountain goat.

Our first hunts are generally archery hunts, starting August 30th and running through September 14th for antlered, and through September 30th for antlerless. Archery hunts provide warm days and cool nights; elk are bugling, providing opportunities for nice bulls. We have well timbered areas with high mountain meadows and sagebrush.

Rifle season begins October 15th and runs through November 8th. There is usually snow on the later hunts, facilitating tracking and spotting elk as they move towards winter range.

Deer hunting begins October 10th and ends October 30th. This is an antlered only hunt on which you can use any weapon.

Note: Guided and catered hunts are $2200 per person with four or fewer people, and $2000 per person for more than four people. These prices are based on an 7 day trip, with prorated prices offered for hunter's choice of longer or shorter hunts. There may be an additional charge for elk hunting guides.

DROP CAMP HUNTS - start at $2200 if you have your own gear, $3400 if you use our gear. Prime season for drop camps $3800. Prices are based on four person/ seven day trip. Additional guests $300 per person.

Drop camps are for experienced hunters who do not require guides or cooks. With a drop camp, we provide all of the gear necessary for a comfortable camp. We will take you and your gear in on horseback and familiarize you with the area. We will pack your game out at no additional charge as long as we can reach it with the pack animals. We do not leave horses in camp, but we do check on you two times during your stay.


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