Fly Fishing on the High Mountain Lakes

High mountain fishing tends to decrease the production of insects. Below is a list of flies that should be successful while you try to hook into a big one on your trip:

Caddis (Evenings) #l2-18

  • Elk hair Caddis(dark and light)
  • Henryville Caddis
  • Goddard Caddis

Adams #14.20

  • Any type: parachute, traditional, and Adams Irresistible

Midges #12-20

  • Mosquito pattern


  • Hoppers S 10-20
  • Chernobyl's #6-12 (these fish haven't seen much of this style of fly. so they will be curious)
  • Ants #12-18


  • Wooly Buggers (black, brown, and olive)
  • Clouser Minnows Double Bunnies Anything that will catch the attention of a fish.
  • Stick to traditional colors, black, brown, and olive.


  • Bead head pheasant tail #14-18
  • Prince Nymphs #12-20
  • Midge pupas #16-20


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